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Origami Angel 2022 Tour Concert Preview

Origami Angel, the D.C.-based emo/pop-punk duo, is touring all across the United States after the release of their album “GAMI GANG” in 2021 and two new EPs, “re: turn” and “DEPART” right before their tour. They are visiting Blind Tiger in Greensboro on November 15, 2022. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show is at 8 p.m.

I have been a fan of Origami Angel since the release of “Somewhere City” in 2019. They have a great sound and put an excellent twist on a genre I already love a lot. When I saw they were coming to Greensboro for only $18, I couldn’t turn down the tickets.

To sweeten the pot, Pool Kids and insignificant other are starting the show.

Origami Angel

Rooted in the sounds of emo and pop-punk, Origami Angel has been releasing music since 2017. Origami Angel puts a fun twist on the genres they are rooted in, using a sound that is typically very angsty to create mostly very hopeful music.

Origami Angel’s focus on this tour is their 2021 album, “GAMI GANG”. However, they released two EPs right before their tour with polar opposite sounds which will also be performed. “re: turn” is heartfelt and acoustic, and “DEPART” is a screamo EP.

Fans can also expect songs from their older releases, of course including songs from “Somewhere City”. They can be expected to start the show by playing Sweden by C418 before moving into their set. The encore will consist of “Noah Fence” and “Find Your Throne”.

Nonetheless, I am extremely excited for the show, it seems like Origami Angel has put together an excellent setlist which is a wonderful representation of their discography.

The Openers

I found out about math-influenced emo band Pool Kids earlier this year through their album “Music to Practice Safe Sex To” and loved their new self-titled release which came out in July. They will be playing songs mostly from their new album, but will also play “Erso” and “$5 Subtweet” from their first album.

insignificant other is an indie band that I started listening to in preparation for this concert. They have one album, “i’m so glad i feel this way about you” from 2019 which will make up the entirety of their setlist. Everything I have heard from the band is super fun and I am excited to hear it live.

This show has a very stacked lineup. I am thrilled to have the chance to see the show. Tickets can be purchased through the etix website. If you are a fan of Origami Angel and have the time, this would be a great show to go to see.

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