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“DEPART” by Origami Angel Review

Origami Angel is a emo-rock duo out of Washington, DC. Lead Vocalist and guitarist, Ryland Heagy, and drummer, Pat Doherty, have released perhaps their must ambitious release to date.

“DEPART” unlike their past discography, is entirely heavy rock and screamo. This fast paced, three track release is nothing but exhilarating.

The three tracks, “JUDGE”, “FAWN” and “FOE” are compact. Each falling just under two minutes, this set is a ridiculously big step for Origami Angel in such an unaburdly short duration.

This release could give someone whiplash from how different it is from the rest of their discography. There have always been dabbles of rusticity and grunge throughout the duo’s predominately emo sound.

It is refreshing and exciting to hear a band delve into a new genre with so much confidence.

I think many bands and musicians fear taking steps into new genres; many stay within their most familiar box. There are so many avenues and platforms of criticism that artists face through social media, it makes sense why many choose to stay within one genre their whole career.

I commend Origami Angel for taking the leap.

By Michelangelo

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