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“Slowing Down” by The Backseat Lovers

The Backseat Lovers have grown into quite the success in the past few years. Their 2019 album, “When We Were Friends” skyrocketed their popularity with tracks “Kilby Girl”, “Pool House”, “Maple Syrup”, and “Watch Your Mouth”.

Especially at NC State, this indie rock band grew into a fan favorite after their performance at 2022 Wolfstock at the end of last semester.

This band has a lot on the horizon as they prepare to release another album, “Waiting to Spill” on Friday, Oct. 28 2022. In preparation they have been releasing a series of singles throughout the last few weeks.

The Backseat Lovers’ most recent single, “Slowing Down” caught my attention.

If you have listened to “When We Were Friends”, you know that the key to their musical success it their ability to hit emotional and musical cues with such unanticipated power.

Opening track, “Watch Your Month”, is a prime example of this. They build intensity and groove through this track with an almost stairstep approach. They wait for the right moments to add more to each track and chose to retreat at the perfect moments to compliment.

“Slowing Down” builds upon this technique with a refreshing approach. They are taking a more subdued and relaxed identity, letting the overlapping waves of instrumentals build the intensity rather than increasing the volume of the vocals.

This track shows a lot of the confidence they have acquired over the years. It no longer sound like they are trying to prove themselves– they know they have a successful sound and are now comfortably exploring it.

The Backseat Lovers have such a talent for crafting lyrics for the listeners. It’s very easy to connect to their songs. Especially in this track the lines felt deeply genuine, as if he is speaking to you:

“The sound of laughter
Echoes from a few doors down
The sound of pressure
Is getting louder
Whisper in my ear
That you need me”

I honestly was not expecting much from their album after listening to the other singles “Close Your Eyes” and “Growing/Dying”. However, the complexity and tones in track speaks promise for the upcoming album.

I have high hopes for “Waiting to Spill”. I hope The Backseat Lovers continue to explore this more subdued tone. I’ll be looking forward to all they will be releasing Oct.28

By Michelangelo

I'm also a DJ at WKNC and co-host Saloon Tunes every Friday morning 8 to 10am!