Music and Wellness

Thursday, Nov. 3 was a university-wide wellness day.

The wellness day has brought further attention to the importance of mental health resources and the overarching mental health crisis.

If you or someone you know is in mental distress, the university counseling center can be reached on campus at 2815 Cates Avenue, directly across from Witherspoon Student Center, or through their website.

The counseling center helped me find the support I needed in the beginning of my college career. College can be daunting and overwhelming at times– reaching out helps guide us to support needed. Support from peers. Support from parents or guardians. Support from professors and mentors. Support from the University. Support is vital to both our mental wellbeing and general success.

Above all, it is important to look after ourselves by doing the things we truly enjoy. Whether that be something as simple as getting a coffee or singing; doing the things that bring life meaning is simply refreshing.

I spent much of my wellness day listening to music.

As many, many individuals can relate, music has been such a source of support and love in my life.

To share some of this passion and wellbeing, I have selected a handful of songs that have brought me a lot of wellness. I hope you all enjoy, take care of yourselves.

Song Selections

Spud Infinity by Big Thief

Wonder by Lomelda

Spiral by Pinegrove

Elm by Clever Girl

Tin Man by America

By Michelangelo

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