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New Podcast Highlight: “WKNC’s Brain Trust”

Each new year at WKNC invites a new arrival of content.

This year, student and content creator, Lucas Marsh, joined the team and has created a new podcast– “WKNC’s Brain Trust”– a podcast that focuses on having introspective and thought provoking discussions with guests from across NC state.

To welcome his new project, I set up an interview with Lucas. Together we explored some of his motivations for creating the podcast and the knowledge he has gained along the way.

Below are some of the highlights from our discussion.

To start off, what is your name, year,  major and where are you from? 

My name is Lucas Marsh. I’m a freshman of class 2026, and I’m majoring in aerospace engineering and I’m from Long Island, New York.

What roles do you fulfill at WKNC? How long have you been involved with WKNC?

I’m a content creator at WKNC. I started not exactly at the beginning of the semester, but the first few weeks. I technically started as a content creator October 10th. 

What motivated you to join WKNC? What inspired you to be a content creator?

I have some broadcasting experience because I did a broadcasting class my senior year in high school. I really enjoyed it. I would do the morning announcements and do other projects in the class like that.

Originally I was like, “Oh, I’ll try to be a DJ”, but to put it simply, I don’t have the music taste that they’re looking for, but I wanted to be involved in WKNC even though I couldn’t be a DJ. So I asked them, “What else can I do?”

I was looking at all the other options I don’t know, like Blogs, interviews and videos; that doesn’t really seem too exciting to me, but the podcasts… that sounds like a lot of fun. So I applied and they hired me.

What inspired you to create “WKNC’s Brain Trust”? 

My inspiration for this podcast came from a conversation I had with my roommate about nostalgia. It was like eleven thirty at night, and  we sat and had a long conversation, and at the end of it I was like, “Wow, we’re capable of intellectual discussion”. And since I had the opportunity to be a content creator I thought that is exactly how it’s done, but recorded. 

I’m not the most serious person, which is why at first I was kind of shocked that we had such a solid conversation on something that deep. I wanted to do it again, but record it this time.

So for the first episode I had that same discussion with my roommate since it went so smoothly before. We talked about nostalgia, what it is, how it makes you feel, how it affects us, how we feel it differently and where it comes from.

How would you describe the energy of your podcast?

The tone is light hearted, but introspective. It isn’t super serious. I’ll put it like this, it’s not as serious as a documentary, but it’s not as joking as a cartoon.

What are you most excited about for your podcast?

I’m excited about all of it. In general I’m a very positive person, so I’m looking forward to getting more episodes up, and really just seeing my logo and my podcast on a website. I’m looking forward to seeing the products of my own work.

As someone who created, developed and is producing podcasts, what advice would you give to other students or individuals interested in podcast creation?

I’m still relatively new at it, but I would say, if your heart’s not in it, your head’s not in it. Fancy way to word that, but if you don’t really enjoy it it’s not going to work. 

It’s a lot of fun. So if you enjoy it, go ahead and try it… if you enjoy what you are making it is okay if others don’t like it.

What advice would you give NC State Students interested in joining WKNC?

Go to the interest meeting. I didn’t know I could do podcasts, interviews,  videos or blogs. I didn’t know I could do any of that, I thought it was just a radio station. 

It also helps experience in recording software, specifically adobe addition. If you can find access to that– give yourself a little crash course on it.

To round out our discussion, how has WKNC benefited your college experience?

It’s definitely made it more enjoyable. This is something else for me to do on campus. It’s a new group of people to meet and a new group of people to work with. It allows me to connect with my peers and have a fun time doing it– all while producing an episode and making content. 

Concluding Thoughts

There is something so magical and energizing about starting a new project. Lucas’s enthusiastic and confident demeanor fit this energy perfectly, there is no doubt he will be a fantastic podcast host. 

To give “WKNC’s Brain Trust”, you can find it on Transistor (or any platform you listen to Podcasts).

It was great to interview Lucas, I am looking forward to all he will create in the near future.

By Michelangelo

I'm also a DJ at WKNC and co-host Saloon Tunes every Friday morning 8 to 10am!