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The World of “My Elegant Breaking Point” by Perry Maysun

Perry Maysun is a 20-year-old alternative rapper and producer that has made a name for themselves in the underground scene through raw and vulnerable music. Earlier this year Perry Maysun released their album “My Elegant Breaking Point”.

When I asked Perry Maysun to describe their music to someone that might not have heard it, they said “My music is my mental health and my day-to-day struggles put into art … the purest form of expression”.  

My Elegant Breaking Point

“My Elegant Breaking Point” is an album that brings a dark, cinematic and moody experience. The title captures the mood of the album perfectly. Perry Maysun pours his heart out rapping elegantly about pain, addiction and the struggles that independent artists face when trying to be taken seriously. 

The production of this album alone will capture your attention for the whole 36-minute run time, with swelling intros and intricate outros that seamlessly transition to each song. This coupled with the well-worded raps delivered by Perry gives the album a captivating narrative.

Stand Out Tracks

For my favorite tracks on this album, I have to start with “Melissa’s”. Standing alone this song is catchy, addictive and full of energy. But this is all made amplified when in the context of this full album, where the two previous songs build the tension that is finally broken by this song’s drop. 

Note: This song contains explicit language

Other standouts include “Bugs”, “Lo Mein” and “Duality” which is a self-destructive masterpiece that really drives home the themes of the album. 

The Perry Maysun Universe

One thing that Perry Maysun does well is creating worlds in his albums. Alongside “My Elegant Breaking Point” Perry Maysun also released This website includes many extras such as a collection of poems that correspond to each song, a visual gallery and more. 

When I spoke to Perry Maysun about this he said:

“My whole concept was what if you could look up and see where Kanye’s mind was when he made that and everything he was doing, and the looks, and the ideas, and concepts, and stories behind the songs. Let me make a virtual exhibit of my music and where my mind was when I made this project so its always there.” 

Perry Maysun

Closing Thoughts

Perry Maysun manages to create intimate and rich stories through his album “My Elegant Breaking Point” which leaves me excited to hear more of his music. His uncompromising and driven mindset toward creating music has made me eager to see him get the recognition he deserves.

Note: Some songs on this album contain explicit language

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