Six Songs for Studying

As NC State approaches their fourth week of the semester, the first wave of exams and tests approaches.

Testing and exams never fails to stress me out and I know I am not alone in this sentiment. To ease some of the anxiety and stress that builds up over study time I have compiled a few of my favorite focus tracks.

When studying, I find myself gravitating towards jazz and relaxed indie artists. Although, I included a mix of genres in the following tracks.

I hope you all enjoy.


This one is such an ideal instrumental to sit down and begin a study session. BADBADNOTGOOD is a fantastic jazz ensemble that provides rich compositions and excellent collaborations with other artists.

If you enjoy this track I recommend checking out their other works. They have some excellent upbeat tracks such as “To The Floor”, their newest single featuring Lil Silva. The other tracks off their album “IV” are great for raising energy after a long study session.

“Restless Song” by Shadow Community

Shadow Community is a project by Mid-Air Thief, a folktronica musician from South Korea. This song in particular evokes such an airy, light feeling. There really is no real way to describe their music. It is mesmerizing, complex and light.

“The Final View” by Nujabes

This track has a lot of nostalgia linked to me for me. Nujabes had such a gift for bringing so many powerful genres together. In this song in particular there are such graceful elements or hip-hop, jazz, and lofi.

I had a very difficult time picking just one Nujabes track to put on this list. Here are a few honorable mentions I simply cannot ignore, “Horn in the middle”, “Luv (sic)“, and “flowers”.

“Attempt” by Far Caspian

I think Far Caspian has one of the best voices to listen to while working. I typically prefer instrumentals when studying, but he has such a lovely gentle sound. His album “Ways to Get Out” was one of my favorite releases in 2021, it was a great stress reliever for me.

“Julia” by Yellow Ostrich

This is a track for those that enjoy studying to songs with lyrics. Yellow Ostrich is melding indie rock and folk together in this track. It is a really ideal indie study track due to its relaxed tone.

“Mirage” by Orion Sun

Although short, this track has so many elegant elements. Orion Sun has such a beautiful voice and genuine sound she brings to each and every track.

Listening to her music never fails to ease my nerves. Her albums “A Collection of Fleeting Moments and Daydreams” and “Hold Space For Me” are filled to the brim with musical elegance.

By Michelangelo

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