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Songs That Have a Hold on Me – “Babydoll” by Dominic Fike

I listened to “Babydoll” on a constant loop every single morning Tuesdays and Thursdays during the five-minute walk to my class at 8 in the morning. 

Does that sound like a healthy thing to do? Probably not but like the title states, this song had a death grip on me. 

It has about 104 million streams and that’s a huge number to wrap my mind around. The song itself is barely even two minutes long, with a duration of 1:40. It’s the shortness and sweetness of this song that makes it so consumable.

What I love about Dominic Fike as an artist is his ability to play an instrument. He’s a multi-instrumental artist who plays the guitar, drums, bass, and of course vocals for all his songs. It’s noticeable in all his songs and it’s quite impressive.

Another thing I love about this song is how abruptly it ends. Almost like he recorded this song the second the idea came to mind and released it as soon as he finished composing his ideas. 

The track starts with an electric guitar intro which is later accompanied by drums and Fike’s vocals. 

At its core, “Babydoll” is technically a love song. However, the lyrics give a lot of depth about Dominic’s background and his parents. His upbringing and childhood are such an interesting story to read about and he doesn’t hesitate to be vulnerable about his in any of his songs. 

With the line “Find me on Miami concrete |  Lookin’ for somebody different |  ‘Cause my daddy was a pimp |  My mama had her issues but I miss her anyway.” 

He actually released this EP while he was dropping his mom off at jail. He also wrote most of the EP while he was on house arrest. It’s crazy to imagine how differently his life could have gone if his album/EP hadn’t blown up.  

My favorite aspect of this song is the pacing. The lyrics are fast and in tune with the rapid tempo. It’s not necessarily rap or hip hop but it’s not fully alternative either. He combines various genres in all his songs and that’s what I love about his music. 

The chorus of the song is a lot slower and provides a contrast to the rest of the song. “I can’t move on, baby doll |  Waitin’ on calls, flippin’ through stations |  I’m outclassed and it’s outrageous |  And I’ll take it all, baby doll |  Whatever’s been weighin’ you down” 

This isn’t necessarily my favorite song by Dominic Fike, but at this point, I’ve listened to so much of his music that it’s hard to choose just one track.

The instrumentals of this song are really what got me hooked. I could listen to Dominic Fike just playing the guitar for hours and it’s my mission to listen to Dominic Fike play this song live. 

By Mitali Joshi

A Senior at NCSU who is an enthusiastic consumer of music and loves writing about it.