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Weston Estate – Band Profile

Weston Estate has marked themselves as “ya aunties favorite boyband.” 

Named after a neighborhood in Cary, NC the band is made up of five members. Marco Gomez, Tanmay Joshi, and Manas Panchavati are the vocalists while Srikar Nanduri is their guitarist and Abhi Manhass is in charge of production: ne of which is part of the Wolfpack– Srikar.

Locally, we have a lot of indie-rock and indie-pop bands but we don’t have too many R&B-centered indie bands, which is what I find so refreshing about them. A lot of their discography is upbeat yet has this mellow vibe to it. Their songs span a whole variety of genres but still maintain their signature sound.

I find Weston Estate’s music style very reminiscent of Hojean and Dhruv.

Their first single, “Cotton Candy” and it has garnered over 10 million listens in the past three years. The intro with the acoustic guitar and the subtle introduction of the 808 makes the melody melt in your ear, like how cotton candy melts in your mouth.

I had this song on repeat for three months straight. It’s an amazing song and it’s their most listened to song for a reason. It’s so ingrained in my mind that whenever I see a light pink and blue sunset I instantly think of it.

One of my favorite songs by them is “Close The Door”. More specifically the harmonizing of vocals. It’s subtle but adds a flair to the song that stands out to me compared to other tracks.

They released their first EP earlier this year in February titled “Maggie Valley”.  It was a six-track EP with original songs such as “Sixty” and “Daisies” along with known singles like “Pears” and “Stoked”. 

Out of all the tracks on “Maggie Valley”, “Sixty” has to be my favorite. It has a heavy jazz influence with trumpets along with the acoustic guitar, piano, and bass. A combination I’ve never heard done before. It incorporates that same harmonizing from a couple of their other songs that I love.

Usually, when I am a fan of a band there’s one aspect that typically stands out to me. Whether it’s the drums, guitar, or vocals. However, with Weston Estate each member is talented in their own ways and that’s what makes each of their pieces sound cohesive.

“So Good” is their newest single and is quite different from what we’ve seen from them in the past. It sounds similar to bossa nova beats with more focus on percussion.

Like the title of the song it really is so good. It stays true to their lo-fi vibe yet the electric guitar riffs add a touch of je ne sais quoi. Whether it’s the instrumentals, lyricism, vocals, or production, there is nowhere they lack.

I love when artists try out new styles of music or allow themselves to have more creative freedom. With Weston Estate you never know what to expect from their new releases – it’s a pleasant surprise each time. 

You can find them on Instagram and check out their discography on Spotify.

Check out their entire discography here!

By Mitali Joshi

A Senior at NCSU who is an enthusiastic consumer of music and loves writing about it.