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Ganser – Band Spotlight

One thing I love about music is the constant stream of new ideas and art that musicians release to the world. There is so much to explore that it can be overwhelming, but when you find a band or artist that clicks, the wading through that stream feels worth it. That’s what makes me appreciate Ganser.

Ganser was formed in Chicago, Illinois and is still based there. Their music falls under the post-punk genre with heavy guitar, bass, and reflective vocals. Alicia Gaines (bass and vocals), Nadia Garofalo (keyboard and vocals), Brian Cundiff (drums) and Charlie Landsman (guitar) make up the band.

Each person brings their own distinct sound and perspective to Ganser, and all of their perspectives synthesize really well. Gaines and Garofalo’s vocals mix together in tracks like “Told You So” to create a healthy blend of airy-ness and down-to-earth sounds that are accompanied by thick guitar riffs and piercing drums. 

I have found their music to be an interesting variation to modern post-punk. Having two women be the front of the band adds a lot of character and distinctiveness from the rest of the punks out there.

I’ve been digging bands that have their bassists be lead vocals for the past few months, and Gaines does a great job of leading the songs and blending her instrument into the core of all the tracks. 

Right now their discography is limited, but that’s only because they are just getting started. Their first LP, “Odd Talk”, released in 2018, and it has some of their more accessible tracks if you’re not into the grime-y riffs that take root in their second LP. 

Just Look At That Sky” was released two years ago, and I have found that this album represents what the band hopes to sound like for the foreseeable future. Gaines’ vocals mix with a more distinct blend of instrumental sounds that emphasize each of the member’s talents they bring along to the band. 

They are releasing a new album this year called “Nothing You Do Matters” as stated by their website. Ganser has released one track so far “People Watching”, and it makes me excited to listen to the whole project in a few months. 

Here is a list of some of my favorite tracks so you can get listening:

Also, here’s a cool interview with Alicia Gaines about “Just Look At That Sky”.

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