Early Summer Playlist

This playlist has an all-over feel to it but in a way captures the early feeling of summer to me perfectly- everything is finally green again, the evenings are perfectly warm, and life slows down to a blissful pace. 

Popeye Had Spinach by Lime Cordiale 

Even the cover art has a summer feel to it- Popeye Had Spinach is melodic with a catchy chorus and a rather relaxing vibe to it. 

Fishing For Fishies by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

The song’s title is pretty comical and the entire song stays true to it. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard truly stray away from fishing, sympathizing for the fish itself. As funny as it is, it fits perfectly for summer with it’s simple but catchy guitar and even more snappy chorus. 

Ain’t No Thang by Outkast

Outkast portrays the perfect balance between street cool societal standing with an intoxicating beat while still keeping a smooth, idle feel. The most notable lyric from the entire track: “Ain’t no thang but a chicken wing.” 

Lucy (feat. Odie) by Still Woozy 

A song I often revisit when the weather starts getting slightly warmer- something about Still Woozy’s smooth, silky voice that encapsulates the feeling of the mellow warmth of summer. 

Personal Lies by Djo

Simple guitar chords layered with Djo’s melodic singing start this song off in a way that makes it hard not to love, along with a surprise guitar solo halfway through the song. Sorry. Maybe not so surprising anymore, but still exceptional. 

Driving South by Goth Babe & Blood Cultures 

One of my favorite artists collaborates with Blood Cultures for a song that is light and laid-back- even Goth Babe agrees in this song that summer seems to keep him sane. I couldn’t agree more. 

If this playlist intrigues you, be sure to check it out on Spotify.

Written by Audrey Nelson