Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 5/10

1ACCEPTBlood of the NationsNuclear Blast
3ALL OUT WARCondemned to SufferVictory
4ANTHRAXAmong the LivingMegaforce
5BITTER ENDIllusions of DominanceDeathwish Inc.
6BLACK SABBATHSabotage ReissueRhino
7BORISNoThird Man
8CANNIBAL CORPSEViolence UnimaginedMetal Blade
9CARTHAGODSThe Monster in MeDarkside
10COALESCEoxep [EP]Relapse

Chainsaw Adds

1THE OKLAHOMA KIDTangerine TragicArising Empire
2DEVIL MASTEREcstasies Of Never Ending NightRelapse
3THE HALO EFFECT“Days Of The Lost” [Single]Nuclear Blast
4KREATOR“Strongest Of The Strong” [Single]Nuclear Blast
5ABYSMAL HELLSTORMReigniting HellfireWitchhammer Productions
6CANDY“Human Condition Above Human Opinion” [Single]Relapse