Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 4/26

12 O’ CLOCK GIRLFRIENDMorto’s Concerto Num. 10 in C Sharp – [Single]CDE
2A STORM OF LIGHTForgive Us Our TrespassesNeurot Recordings
3ACCEPTBlood of the NationsNuclear Blast
4AHUMADO GRANUJOSplatter-TekkDownfall
5ANATOMY OF HABITEven If It Takes A LifetimeSelf-Released
6ANDREW WKGod Is PartyingNapalm
7ANTHRAXFor All KingsMegaforce
8ANTI RITUALExpel The LeechesIndisciplinarian
10ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLSThe Game of LifeCentury Media