Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 4/12

1CURTA’N WALLCrocodile Moat​!​!​!​!​!​!​!Grime Stone
2BLOODY KEEPO Vampire Of The Night [EP]Grime Stone
3ZETARDevouring DarknessSpirit Coffin
4BLACK WOUNDUnending LabyrinthDry Cough
5BORISNoThird Man
6CHARREDPrayers Of MaledictionEntertainment One
7ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINEPurifying BladeProfound Lore
8ANDREW WKGod Is PartyingNapalm
9PREDICTOR…thus spoke death [EP]Iron Bonehead
10ANNIHILUSFollow a Song From the SkyFederal Prisoner