EOT 345- Alyssa Space

Jeanine Ikekhua interviews Alyssa Space. Alyssa Space is the founder of CEO of ForHer Cosmetics and MySpaceLaboratories.

Information about ForHerCosmetic:
The products that we offer include all natural lipsticks, vegan lip gloss, mineral highlighter, eyeshadow, foundation, hand sanitizer, lashes and stickers. Our products are all natural, vegan and cruelty free. We donate 5% of all sales to our non profit arm MySpaceLaboratories. Our products help customers achieve natural beautiful looks that nourish the skin and body. We have had tons of amazing reviews on how our products have made our customers feel and look. Check out google. Make sure to visit our website today at to support STEM retention and beauty inclusivity.

ForHer Cosmetics recently released their new Winter Collection. Make sure to check it out.