Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 11/9

1WHEN THE DEADBOLT BREAKSHope Valley Burns: EulogyElectric Talon
2BLOODY KEEPBloody Horror [EP]Grime Stone
3ZETARDevouring DarknessSpirit Coffin
4ANDREW WKGod Is PartyingNapalm
5MASTIFFLeave Me The Ashes Of The EarthEntertainment One
6ANNIHILUSFollow a Song From the SkyFederal Prisoner
7BLACK WOUNDUnending LabyrinthDry Cough
8MALIGNAMENTHypocrisis AbsolutionPrimitive Reaction
9IXTLAHUACTeyacanilitztli NahualliNuclear War Now!
10DESTRUCTIONLive AttackNapalm