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The Music of Swiss Army Man

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Is there anything that can make being stranded on an uninhabitable island bearable? Insert dreamy orchestral indie-rock music by two members of Manchester Orchestra and a character played by Daniel Radcliffe. In Swiss Army Man, main character Hank (Paul Dano) finds himself lost on an island, feeling hopeless and wanting to give up on life. That is until he sees a corpse named Manny (Daniel Radcliffe) wash up on shore. Hank now has a new reason for living, and we follow him as he teaches Manny what it means to be human. We watch Hank and Manny become closer as they journey together to find their way home.

How Music is Used

The music mirrors the sentiments of hopelessness and hopefulness felt by the pair as they run into many obstacles. Radcliffe and Dano are featured both together and alone in a number of the tracks, making them feel even more intimate and emotional. We hear recognizable tunes like Cotton Eye Joe and Jurassic Park sung by the pair. Endearing and emotional, those covers add a bit of humor and lightheartedness. Uniquely, the other lyrics in the songs written for the movie narrate what is going on in the film, which is so incredibly witty and matches the movie’s eccentric plot. 

Musical Masterminds

Who do we have to thank for the music of Swiss Army Man? None other than Andy Hull and Robert McDowell. Andy Hull is the frontman for Manchester Orchestra. He makes a cameo as the news crew camera man in the movie. Robert McDowell is the lead guitarist and backing vocalist for Manchester Orchestra. He has ventured on to work on his solo project named Gobotron. My favorite song from this soundtrack has to be Montage, which features Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe. The two sing about starting a fire, hunting critters using Manny’s body’s skills, and letting their friendship blossom. Swiss Army Man is an absolutely heart wrenching story of friendship, enhanced by its capella-esque soundtrack. I hope you get a chance to watch this movie and bask in the music of Swiss Army Man

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