(More Of) My Favorite Songs Under One Minute

Back in early July, I made a blog about some of my favorite tracks under one minute, whether they are reprises, interludes, or little ditties. Ever since then, songs under one minute keep popping up everywhere I look, so I figured I’d make a sequel to update you all on some more of my favorite songs that are under one minute. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

“boi” by Illuminati Hotties

LENGTH: 0:57

This interlude-esque track in “Kiss Yr Frenemies” is a loud, proud, yet intimate proclamation of infatuation and love.

“Rattlesnake ASMR” by Miniature Tigers

LENGTH: 0:58

Another track serving as an interlude within an album, this track is a lo-fi instrumentation that is soothing enough to lull you right to sleep.

“Minus 3” by Broadcast

LENGTH: 0:48

A bouncy-synthy track on “Tender Buttons” supposedly refers to Trish Keenan and James Cargill losing a third member of their group, and this project was Broadcast’s first with Keenan and Cargill as a duo.

“New Monkey – Keys” by Elliott Smith

LENGTH: 0:42

This is a synthy track which is what it says it is, the keys playing the melody of Smith’s song “New Monkey” which was released posthumously.

“Tåget” by The Radio Dept.

LENGTH: 0:56

This guitar-centered song starts out with bird noises which continue throughout it, giving it an outdoorsy and refreshing feel, and it washes over you as you listen.

“Hable con Ella” by The Marías

LENGTH: 0:33

A nostalgic feeling track with breathtaking instrumentals.

“JMC Retro” by Pavement

LENGTH: 0:42

With lonesome and yearning lyrics, this song leaves you wishing it was longer than 42 seconds.

I added these songs to the playlist I made for my previous blog, and you can stream it on Spotify.

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By Caitlin

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