If You Like “Punisher,” Then Listen To…

As you can guess by my frequent blogs mentioning her, I’m a frequent listener and pretty big fan of indie-rock star Phoebe Bridgers. My favorite of her multitude of works and collaborations is her sophomore album, “Punisher.” As she has risen to large notoriety over the last year and a half due in large part to “Punisher,’  there are a lot of newcomers to the folk/indie/rock scene who may like Phoebe Bridgers, but aren’t sure how to branch out.

I figured this phenomena would make “Punisher” the perfect subject for my “If you like… then listen to” series, as I feel Bridgers is a great jumping off point for listeners to go in many directions. If you’re unfamiliar, this series is where I curate a playlist for fans of a certain artist/album and recommend 15 songs by different artists that are similar to the subject.

Without further ado, here are the songs you should listen to if you love “Punisher” by Phoebe Bridgers.

  • “Brother” — Fenne Lily
  • “Cape Canaveral” — Conor Oberst
  • “Last Words of a Shooting Star” — Mitski
  • “I Think You’re Alright” — Jay Som
  • “Blue Coupe” — Twin Peaks
  • “Ruby Falls” — Waxahatchee
  • “One Too Many Mornings” — Bob Dylan
  • “Good Scare” — TORRES
  • “Latter Days” — Big Red Machine, Anaïs Mitchell
  • “Wouldn’t Mama Be Proud” — Elliott Smith
  • “Soapy Water” — Wolf Alice
  • “Animal Noises” — beabadoobee
  • “It Hurts Until It Doesn’t” — Mothers
  • “Pretending” — Orla Gartland 
  • “L.A. Dream” — Julia Jacklin

As always, I made a Spotify playlist for your consumption and enjoyment.

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By Caitlin

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