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“Let Yourself Go” by Haley Blais Review

ALBUM: “Let Yourself Go” (EP) by Haley Blais


LABEL: No label / Independent

RATING: 9.5/10

BEST TRACKS: “Seventeen” and “Small Foreign Faction”

FCC: Explicit

Haley Blais is a force to be reckoned with in the indie music world, and  her 2018 release “Let Yourself Go” is definitive proof of that. This timeless five-song EP encapsulates young adulthood, with songs about growing out of adolescence and growing into yourself. 

Blais, a Canadian YouTuber with over 170,000 subscribers, certainly knows how to relate to an audience. And while her lyrics and songs are relatable, they aren’t cheap. This EP walks the line of good lyricism and relatability while still managing to be authentic, a merit that many fail to achieve. Tracks “Seventeen” and “Remove Tag” are the only ones based on her real life experiences, which she stated in the description of the “Remove Tag” music video. The music video along with the lyrics tell a tale of her a friend tagging her in a really unflattering picture of herself on Instagram. “Seventeen,” my personal favorite on the EP, has lyrics about growing into adulthood when you feel like your teen years were somewhat unfulfilling.

Blais’ voice floats easily from track to track, making the EP a cohesive sounding unit, while the instrumentals make each song unique. The heavy use of ukulele makes the songs feel springy and bright, perfect for summer listening. Although it is somewhat a “feel good” EP, it still has substance and doesn’t feel kitschy or lacking at any point.

Blais released this EP and her previous work without the help of a label, but has since been signed to Tiny Kingdom Music Inc.

By Caitlin

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