The Podcast Recommendation Spectacular


You’re Wrong About” – Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes – ★★★★★

Three Word Summary: Relevant, eye-opening, bold

“You’re Wrong About” centers on things that have been misrepresented, misremembered, or misunderstood within American society. With topics ranging from the OJ Simpson trial to Anna Nicole Smith, they touch on people and events that they feel were failed by the media and/or general public. With a perfect mixture of pop culture, investigative journalism and social commentary, Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall pull back the curtain on who, what, when, where, why and how of societal misconceptions.

Maintenance Phase” – Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes – ★★★★★

Three Word Summary: Eye-opening, engrossing, education

“Maintenance Phase” is a podcast about debunking weight-loss myths, deconstructing anti-fat bias,and decentralizing thin people from the conversation about weight. With topics ranging from Dr. Oz to snake oil, they’re covering the ground to uncover the mythos behind “wellness” among other things.

Mystery Show” – Starlee Kine – ★★★★☆

Three Word Summary: Human-interest, mystery, warm

Starlee Kine investigates small mysteries within her friends’ lives, refusing to give up until the mystery is solved. With cameos from Jake Gyllenhaal and Britney Spears, this unfortunately short-lived series is touching, warm and has a killer theme song (courtesy of Sparks).


Wonderful!” – Rachel McElroy and Griffin McElroy – ★★★★★

Three Word Summary: Wholesome, hilarious, fun

What could possibly be better than a married couple doing mini deep-dives into things they love? That’s right, nothing. This former Bachelor(ette) fancast turned a wholesome hour of adoration and laughter, is amazing for every reason under the sun. (P.S. I use old episodes of this to fall asleep every night, and have for the last year, works like a charm). (P.P.S. Don’t use it just to fall asleep, definitely listen to the episodes).

Dear Hank and John” – Hank Green and John Green – ★★★★☆

Three Word Summary: Dubious, tender, advice

An advice show with the brothers who taught me history and science on CrashCourse? Sign me up. Full disclosure, I am a huge fan of John and Hank Green and love just about everything they do. What this show lacks in useful advice, it makes up for in dubious tangents, dad jokes and news about Mars and AFC Wimbledon.

My Brother, My Brother and Me” – Justin McElroy, Griffin McElroy, and Travis McElroy – ★★★★☆

Three Word Summary: Goofy, advice, Yahoo!

Another hilarious advice show by brothers, but this one launched all the way back in 2010. With hilarious bits, absurd questions (and answers), and sometimes the occasional guest. My favorite bit? Munch Squad, a look into the ridiculous press releases put out by fast food chains.


Duet” – Matthew Boll – ★★★★☆

Three Word Summary: Music, togetherness, celebrities

Each episode, two celebrity guests receive a prompt and then share songs that fit that prompt. It is simultaneously a talk show and a music show, so the audience gets to listen to the songs that the guests recommend. A notable concept with superb execution.

Why Are Dads?” – Sarah Marshall and Alex Steed – ★★★★☆

Three Word Summary: Movies, fatherhood, tender

A bold, quippy podcast that looks at what it means to be an adult child of a dad, what fatherhood means and how masculinity plays into fatherhood, through the lens of movies. With analysis of movies ranging from “The Shining” (1980)  to “Guardians of the Galaxy” (2014), Sarah Marshall and Alex Steed do an excellent job of examining core tenets of fatherhood and how they work their way into pop culture.

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