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Koreless Releases First Single in 5 Years

There is a near-infinite supply of buzzed-about electronic producers that haven’t released much music but are, according to at least someone you know, going to be the next big thing. These artists often release a couple of singles, maybe an EP, and then promptly fall off the map before releasing an album. This isn’t to say that the “reclusive electronic DJ,” archetype never pans out, just that you should approach the next two paragraphs with an abundance of caution because Koreless might never be heard from again after today.

Koreless is a British producer working in the vague spectrum of ambient, IDM, and experimental. He tends towards the more compositional end, composing music that is neither dance nor chill, which may or may not be your taste. He released an EP back in 2013, but his last publication of any kind was in 2015. However, he just dropped a new single adding up to around eleven minutes of new material.

Why am I talking about a random single from a producer with no album despite a ten-year career? Well, because the production is just that good and the sounds are fairly high budget. That leads me to believe maybe this will actually pan out into a full album since there appears to be some effort and at least a little money involved, but honestly the single stands on its own. Despite being entirely electronic, and fairly dense, both sides of the single have a clear sense of songwriting, you can follow a progression from beginning to end and the sounds are affecting without pandering to a given vibe or being overly moody. It’s great electronic music, so I guess I’ll throw the dice for a prediction: Koreless has a bright future ahead of him.

By Delusional Melodrama

Former Dj and long-time contributor to the WKNC blog. Specializes in all music that sounds like a lawnmower swallowing a rock.