The Saw’s Choice Cuts: Amon Amarth

Welcome to the Saw’s Butcher Shop, Butcher Crew! It is me, The Saw, and I’m back today to feature my Band of the Week: Amon Amarth. 

Ah, yes… Melodic Death Metal at its finest. These guys have been doing this for over three decades, and they have it down to a science. Amon Amarth began with more of a Black Metal sound, which evolved into some of the best Melodic Death Metal in history. Amon Amarth’s music is very harmonious, anthemic, and heavy. Johan has one of the best voices in Metal, and the band as a whole is tight and on point at all times. They are known as one of the hardest working bands around and, in fact, have just joined with (The titans) Iron Maiden on a partnership in the video game industry. That’s right, Eddie and the Berserker sharing a screen of bloodshed! 

Like I said, Amon Amarth have gone through changes in their sound, so picking my favorite songs necessarily spans their long career. BTW, their newest live record, Pursuit of Vikings, spans their career and covers many of my favorites. You should check it out! One thing is definite, no matter the era, Amon Amarth is bad ass! Enjoy my picks!! 

Fafner’s Gold

Blood Eagle

Fate of Norns

The Pursuit of Vikings

Raise Your Horns

Destroyer of the Universe

Aerials (SOAD cover)

Guardians of Asgaard

Vs. the World

A Thousand Years of Oppression

Runes to My Memory

Stay Metal,