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Band Highlight: Satan’s Pilgrims

Satan’s Pilgrims is one of those bands that you can’t forget about. They first got their start in 1992, playing at house parties in Portland and destroying living rooms in their wake. The group of five quickly realized that their unique surf-doom style was in high demand. They were bringing something new to the table. At the height of grunge, they offered a playful yet dark take on surf rock.

Made up of Ted Miller, Scott Fox, Bobby McAnulty, Dave Busacke, and John Cox, Satan’s Pilgrims is a force to behold. Donned in cheap Halloween vampire costumes, they made a name for themselves fairly quickly. Inspired by classic surf rock artists like Dick Dale, The Ventures, and horror B-movies, they were one of the first bands to master the “beach goth” style.

Since their founding, Satan’s Pilgrims have released five albums, each as wicked as the next. My personal favorite is “Psychsploitation” (2009), which was their last album before they took a brief intermission until 2015. Filled with sludgy instrumentals and tight riffs, it’s the epitome of a great psych, modern rockabilly album. Their most recent LP, “Siniestro” (2017), explores the hellish side of surf rock, filled with song titles like “Creep Beat” and “Graveyard Stomp.”

Best Songs: “Dilation,” “Tomorrow Night’s Mourning,” “Haunted House of Rock”

Discography: “Satan’s Pilgrims” (1999), “Plymouth Rock” (2004), “Psychsploitation” (2009), “Frankenstomp” (2015), “Siniestro” (2017).

Give it a listen!

– DJ Butter

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