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If you’re an NC State student, or really a student anywhere, you know how stressful midterms can be. What’s been getting me through those long hours of late-night studying has (of course) been music! These are some of the songs I’ve had on repeat over the past few weeks to help cope with the mountains of homework:

1. Guts – Budgie

This song gets me PUMPED. Released by a somewhat obscure protometal band, it’s sure to make you get that astral projection feeling with those incredible riffs.

2. Easy Street – Amanaz

If you’ve never heard of Zamrock, I highly suggest you start here. Psychedelic funk reached every corner of the earth in the 1970s, including Zambia. Amanaz is a fantastic band that arose during this time, combining funk, rock, and psychedelia.

3. Stoned – Allah-Las

This song comes off a compilation called “Psych Versions of the Rolling Stones.” Allah-Las does NOT disappoint. I’m usually not a fan of covers, especially from such a prolific band, but Allah-Las does “Stoned” justice.

4. Who Do You Love, Pt. 1 – Quicksilver Messenger Service

This is my favorite track off my favorite album by Quicksilver Messenger Service. First-rate song, first-rate band!

5. Four Lead Clover Salad – Richard in Your Mind

I love the mind-bending sound of this song. I’ll be honest, I haven’t listened to much of Richard In Your Mind, but this is definitely one of my most prized songs on my repeat playlist right now.

6. Home Town – Witch

Witch is another Zamrock band that you just have to check out. They have a heavier feel than Amanaz, combining a garage and metal sound to their work.

7. Dove – Cymande

You! Can! Never! Get! Enough! Funk! The members of Cymande are the kings of soul and dressing impeccably. This track shows off their unique, hip style perfectly.

8. 1983…(A Merman I Should Turn To Be) – Jimi Hendrix

The day I don’t include at least one Jimi Hendrix song on my repeat playlist is the day I die. This song was released when Jimi was still apart of the Experience group and it’s one of the most epic tracks he’s ever released. At a whopping 13 minutes long, it has tons of weird reverb and experimental noises that perfectly compliment his signature riffs.

9. Knowing That I’m Losing You – The Yardbirds

Jimmy Page’s brief time with The Yardbirds proved to be formative years that set him up for future songwriting opportunities. Even though this track was originally released by The Yardbirds, it would later turn into Led Zeppelin’s “Tangerine.”

Stay tuned in!

– DJ Butter

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