Classic Album Review

Classic Review: This Old Dog – Mac DeMarco

ALBUM: “This Old Dog” by Mac DeMarco


LABEL: Captured Tracks

RATING: 10/10

BEST TRACKS: “One More Love Song,” “Moonlight on the River” and “For the First Time”

FCC: Clean

“This Old Dog” has to be my all-time favorite Mac DeMarco album (although “Here Comes the Cowboy” comes in a close second). Out of his entire discography, “This Old Dog” stands out as epitomizing Mac’s personality the most; lovable, gentle, and goofy. Looking to turn your mood around? There exist few better albums to do the trick. It’s both calming and upbeat at the same time, staying true to Mac’s classic, easygoing spirit.

What makes Mac so incredible to me is his ability to combine synth tones and acoustic guitar. It’s a fine line to walk, but he toes it excellently without sounding over-processed or unnatural. “This Old Dog” is no exception; songs like “Dreams From Yesterday” and “Sister” are a perfect balance between soft acoustics and synth. Even “On the Level,” which is almost entirely comprised of synth music, feels organic and mellow.

The biggest difference between “This Old Dog” and Mac’s previous albums is the amount of humor he interjects. His older releases, like “Rock and Roll Night Club,” “Mac Demarco 2,” and “Salad Days,” all seem to have the same distinctive sense of ridiculousness that you just can’t help laughing at. However, “This Old Dog” reveals Mac’s more sensitive side. You could peg him as a hopeless romantic by listening to nearly any one of his albums, but “One More Love Song” and “For the First Time” really hit me right in the heartstrings.

“This Old Dog” will forever be a gem among the indie genre. Whether you haven’t heard it before or it’s been a hot minute, go give it a listen!

– DJ Butter

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