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Band Highlight: The Babe Rainbow

Sunshine, good vibes, and relaxation are what The Babe Rainbow delivers. The Australian neo-psychedelic group is one of my personal favorites. They’re one of those rare bands that never seems to have a “dud” song; You can listen straight through every album and enjoy each track.

Drummer/lead singer Angus Dowling and guitarist Jack Crowther originally met when they were in high school in Byron Bay, a place known for it’s organic, back-to-nature culture. Influenced by ’60s surf rock and the counter-culture movement, The Babe Rainbow creates music that feels like walking through a magic garden at sunset. In an interview with Beat Magazine, Crowther speaks to how the band uses the hippie movement to inform their discography:

“I really like the back to the earth movement, putting a really high value on the appreciation of nature, all the resources that we use. There was a real movement around where we live in the ‘70s, people were coming from Sydney and Melbourne up here to live that life.  For me, it’s got a lot to do with that, and lots of other things link up with that.”

Jack “Cool Breeze” Crowther (guitarist) Source

In their early years, The Babe Rainbow caught the attention of Stu Mackenzie from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, who offered to produce their debut self-titled album. Mackenzie’s influences are strong in “The Babe Rainbow,” but The Babe’s work following their original 2017 release is their own. Though it’s easy to compare them to other neo-surf bands like The Growlers and King Gizzard, The Babe Rainbow offers a unique, more relaxed version of psych-rock. Their music makes you feel centered and happy, almost like a meditation of sorts. The Babes are truly one-of-a-kind.


“The Babe Rainbow” (2017)

“Double Rainbow” (2018)

“Today” (2019)

Best Songs:

Bella Luna – Double Rainbow

Peace Blossom Boogy – The Babe Rainbow

The Wind – Single

Aloe Vera – Single

Something New – The Babe Rainbow

– DJ Butter

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