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Artist Spotlight: Goth Babe

Recently I’ve been getting into a new favorite band called Goth Babe. As a dreamy combination of surf rock and indie pop, they have quickly made their way to the top of my charts. Goth Babe is really just one man named Griff Washburn, who lives the life every indie teenager today dreams of. Griff lives out of his camper truck in the Pacific Northwest, passing the time through surfing, rock climbing, and writing music. It’s easy to see how his music style reflects the life he lives. However, the most perfect addition to his lifestyle is Griff’s adorable Australian Shepherd, which makes several appearances on his album art.   

In 2020 alone Goth Babe released nine singles. From a Bob Dylan cover to euphoric cadences, his style spanned a broad range of genres. However, my favorite work by Goth Babe is by far the EP “Point Mogu.” The lyrics echo and bounce around the four songs on the EP. My favorite has got to be “Swami’s,” however the single “Sometimes” comes in a close second place.

Living literally on the road out of his camper has allowed Griff to gain a lot of traction. Always with his instruments, he can go wherever, play music whenever, and live however he wants. He has total freedom to be the person he wants to be, and it is undoubtedly reflected in his music.

Hope you guys enjoy the music,
-The DJ Formerly Known as Chippypants