Songs that got me through 2020

As 2020 comes to an end (thank God), it’s time to review my favorite songs of 2020! Even though 2020 was not so great for some of us, there has been some great music released! Here are some of my favorite songs: 

Behind the Bend – Boundaries 

Okay, let’s be real. The song that this album is off of, “Your Receding Warmth,” is by far my favorite release of 2020 and will always be one of my favorites. It was hard for me to choose just one song BUT this song has always stood out to me. It has everything that is great with Boundaries – breakdowns, spoken word, and the riffs. Absolutely iconic. 

He Say She Say – Mulatto 

You all know I love me some bad bitch music and this was my number one song of 2020. No surprise that I literally had this song on repeat all the time! Mulatto just has this energy that I really connect to and she’s very upfront: she’s pretty and sweet but she will throw hands. That’s the type of energy I’m talking about!! Her voice in this song is powerful and strong; you can sense that she means what she raps about. I love music that shows raw emotions and isn’t just a front. 

Pretty Bitch Freestyle – Saweetie 

Another bad bitch song! Who would’ve thought? I love Saweetie and her freestyles are my personal favorite because she is really showing her personality and attitude. She talks about staying on “Hot Girl Energy” even through quarantine and honestly, I think every girl should stay on their “Hot Girl Energy.” 

Chains of Agony – Upon A Burning Body

We all know that I love Upon A Burning Body. I had to put a song off of their EP. UABB brings the riffs and pure aggression to their music and they have really improved their sound from their previous records! 

I hope you enjoyed a snippet of the songs that got me through 2020!! 

Stay Metal,