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Artist Highlight: Thee Sacred Souls

When I first heard Thee Sacred Souls’ single “Weak For Your Love,” I thought for certain that they were a soul group from the 1960s. Their sound is so lovely, vintage, and unique. Made up of drummer Alex Garcia, bassist Sal Samano and ethereal vocalist Josh Lane, Thee Sacred Souls is giving new meaning to soul.

The trio first began as a duo when Garcia and Samano formed an instrumental band in 2018, aiming to capture the Chicano soul that they both grew up with. However, after connecting with Lane over Instagram in 2019, the band truly started to evolve. Not only was his soft falsetto a beautiful addition, but his songwriting skills lead to their first single, “Can I Call You Rose?,” a soft romantic ballad.

After receiving a record deal in April of 2019, the group was asked to open for Mac Ayres in San Diego. There, they realized their potential when fans went crazy for their relaxing yet astounding sound. Unfortunately, at the time, the band had yet to put any of their music on major streaming platforms, preferring the authenticity of vinyl releases.

Even amidst pandemic craziness, Thee Sacred Souls has managed to release their previous singles, “Can I Call You Rose?” and “Weak For Your Love,” and two new ones, “Will I See You Again?” and “Give Us Justice,” on Spotify and Apple Music this year. All are twinged with the romantic soul, groovy baselines, and gentle rhythms that they do best. While these four songs are the extent of their discography, the future looks bright for Thee Sacred Souls!

Check out their website and Instagram (which might I say are both wonderfully designed).

– DJ Butter

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