DJ Mango’s Top 5 Albums of 2020

2020 was a year that had its ups and downs, musically and otherwise. Here are my 5 favorite albums to come out this year, in order:

5. græ by Moses Sumney

Album art for græ by Moses Sumney

Coming in at number 5 is græ by Moses Sumney, a two-part epic of an album that saw its full release in May of this year. If Aromanticism was any indication of what was to come from Moses, græ is a full realization of his talents. Over the span of twenty tracks the singer explores a wide array of topics, from love to identity to masculinity.

Favorite tracks: “Cut Me,” “In Bloom,” “Virile”

4. Circles by Mac Miller

Album art for Circles by Mac Miller

Up next is Circles by Mac Miller, a posthumous body of work released in January. Less than a month after the release of his previous album, Swimming, he was pronounced dead. From someone whose career ended at its height, Circles serves as a kindred spirit to Swimming and it is a testament to his incredible growth not only as an artist but as an individual.

Favorite tracks: “Good News,” “Everybody,” “Hand Me Downs”

3. Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 2 by Tkay Maidza

Album art for Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 2 by Tkay Maidza

At number 3 on this list is Tkay Maidza’s Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 2, released in August. This short but sweet album is a prime example of Tkay’s versatility as an artists, as she explores familiar yet uncharted territory in the realms of hardcore hiphop, alternative R&B and indie soul. Check out my review here!

Favorite tracks: “24k,” “Shook,” “Awake”

2. UNLOCKED by Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats

Album art for UNLOCKED by Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats

2020 has been so long that I almost forgot this EP dropped in February of this year, but I’m sure glad it did. As two of the most consistent artists in the game right now, a project from Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats is a match made in heaven for any hardcore hip-hop fan. Denzel’s frantic, wordplay-intensive rapping is the perfect fit for Kenny’s grimy, sample-laced production.

Favorite tracks: “DIET_,” “Take_it_Back_v2,” “So.Incredible.pkg”

1. Agüita by Gabriel Garzón-Montano

Album art for Agüita by Gabriel Garzón-Montano

Last but certainly not least, my favorite album to come out this year has got to be Agüita by Gabriel Garzón-Montano. The range that GGM displays here is something that is truly remarkable. From alternative R&B to indie soul to Latinx hip-hop, Gabriel Garzón-Montano does it all with his own unique flair. Check out my full review here!

Favorite tracks: “With a Smile,” “Muñeca,” “Bloom”

What are your favorite albums of 2020?

– DJ Mango