Thinking About Getting a Tattoo?

What’s going on Butcher Crew?! It’s ya girl, your Master Butcher, The Saw, and I am here to talk about one of my favorite things… tattoos. I love tattoos, I think they are a great way to show your interests and they also make people look like badasses. Tattoos make people look different and give them an edge. I love talking to people about their tattoos and the meaning behind them. Our bodies are canvases and I love to see the art that is displayed on people’s bodies.

Now, I have a sleeve, and a handful of other tattoos. My friends always come to me for tattoo advice: where they should go, what they should get, and how to take care of their tattoos. The Saw is the tattoo guru and I am here to give you some advice about researching tattoo parlors, artists, designs, and aftercare. 


First, you need a tattoo idea. I suggest looking up artwork and other tattoos that you are interested in. Look at tons of sketches to see what designs you like and don’t like. I would suggest using these sketches as a reference to what you want and also come up with your own ideas that you think would look cool. I wouldn’t copy a design or another tattoo that I found online because someone already has that tattoo; you want something original and special to you. If I find a sketch that I really like, I will show it to my tattoo artists and tell them that this is the way I want my tattoo to go, but allow the tattoo artists to make their own designs that are along the lines of what you want. This makes the tattoo enjoyable for the tattoo artists because they can put their own personal touch on the tattoo, and the tattoo will be unique to you since no one else will have the design like you. 

Searching for Tattoo Parlors and Tattoo Artists: 

This is probably the hardest part for me because I am SO PICKY. My dad calls me a tattoo snob and I will gladly take that title. Usually, I will look up tattoo parlors around me and look at their reviews. I will see what clients have to say about their artists and the customer service that the parlor has. I will also ask my friends about where they got their tattoos and ask if they recommend a particular parlor or artist. While researching tattoo parlors, I will also look at the portfolios of tattoo artists to see if I like their style of work. This helps you get a general idea if the artists will be able to create the tattoo that you want. Each artist focuses on a different discipline: realism, traditional, biker, geometric, cartoons, botanical, and fine lines. Knowing the style that an artist uses will also help you determine what type of style you want your tattoo in. Once you find a parlor and an artist, you can either contact the shop for booking or contact the artist individually in order to book an appointment. 

Getting the tattoo:

The day you are getting your tattoo, be sure to eat before, please. Also take some Advil to ease the pain. Oh, and make sure you’re sober, no alcohol or drugs. Wear comfortable clothes because you could be sitting in a chair for a few hours. 


Some tattoo parlors have wraps that they put on your tattoos that you can keep on while its healing, but some places wrap your piece in a paper towel. If that’s the case, after an hour has passed, remove the wrap and wash your tattoo with the hottest water you can stand. WARNING: washing your piece the first few times will hurt like a mf. You want to use a non-fragrance soap, soap with strong fragrances can irritate your tattoo. I suggest using Dove Sensitive Body Wash. Use a light layer on your tattoo and then wash it off. Use a clean towel or paper towel and pat it dry. Some tattoo parlors suggest buying tattoo cream (“tattoo goo”) to put on your piece after you clean it, but a thin layer of original Neosporin will do the trick. You want to wash your tattoo like this twice a day for a few weeks. 

When your tattoo starts to scab, DO NOT SCRATCH OR PICK AT THE SCAB, IT WILL RUIN THE COLOR!! Instead, lightly slap your tattoo if it begins to itch. Once your tattoo is in this phase, wash your tattoo the same way but instead of Neosporin, use a lotion that is not scented. I use the Vaseline lotion or Hemp’s body lotion. I also recommend Lush’s Elbow Grease, it keeps your tattoo shiny and hydrated. 

Enjoy your new tattoo!! 

Stay Metal,