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The semester’s almost over, so what better way to celebrate than with a sick playlist from the WKNC blog! It’s pretty upbeat, filled with surf rock favorites, indie jams, and a few fall 70s ballads slipped in. Without further ado, here are this week’s favorites!

  1. Look So Good, Be So Good – The Shivas: This song popped up on my Spotify Discover Weekly and I immediately fell in love. The Shivas have only been around since 2006, but their garage rock feels like it’s straight from the 60s.
  2. Witchy Woman – The Hollies: My friend, who actually works at WVCW 102.9 at Virginia Commonwealth University, and I always call each other “witchy women” but for some reason, I had never heard this song until last week. This definitely should’ve made my Halloween playlist, but I think it’s never too late for some spooky tunes.
  3. Bullwinkle Part II – The Centurions: If you’ve seen “Pulp Fiction,” you’ve heard this song in all its glory. The Centurions only released one album, “Bullwinkle Part II,” in 1963, but their hit single is heralded today as an anthem from the classic Quentin Tarantino film.
  4. Western Playland – Holy Wave: This song is just a fantastic example of how laid back psychedelic rock can be. I love how relaxed “Western Playland” is and how it just makes you want to sway back and forth.
  5. Blackberry Jam – Allah-Las: Allah-Las, one of the more popular surf rock bands out there right now, has an entire “jam” series off of the soundtrack of “Self Discovery for Social Survival,” a documentary about surf culture and music. The song “Blackberry Jam” is joined by “Raspberry Jam,” “Boysenberry Jam,” “Blueberry Jam,” and “Mulberry Jam.” All are tinged with the sunny rock Allah-Las is known for.
  6. No Other – Gene Clark: I cannot stop listening to this song. For me, it was one of those tracks that was subpar at first but then morphed into one of my favorites after a few more listens. Gene Clark, most recognized for his role as lead singer for The Byrds, also had a successful solo career. This song is off his most well-known solo album, “No Other.”
  7. Pipeline – Stevie Ray Vaughn & Dick Dale: During my set, a very enthusiastic man called the station phone and requested anything Dick Dale and I couldn’t be happier to oblige. This song has to be one of my favorites from the OG king of surf rock.
  8. Surf De L’amour – Messer Chups: Messer Chups is a super interesting band. Originally from Russia, they somehow combine horror punk, surf music, and rockabilly. This song is definitely a testimony to their ability to infuse spooky vibes into their music.
  9. Docweiler – Mystic Braves: I feel like I have a Mystic Braves song in almost every single playlist I make for the blog, but I just can’t help myself. I truly have never heard a song I don’t like from them.
  10. Catfish Blues (BBC Session) – Jimi Hendrix: I could GUSH about my love for BBC Radio Sessions from the 60s and 70s, but I’ll save that for another blog. The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s BBC Session album is one of my personal favorites because of how playful and authentic they are. In this version of “Catfish Blues” (originally written by Robert Petway in 1941), Jimi seamlessly infuses the classic “Rollin’ and Tumblin'” into the blues ballad. Mitch Mitchell has an incredible drum solo at 3:28.
  11. T.M. – Jack Kilmer: This short little guitar piece, performed by actor Jack Kilmer in the movie “Palo Alto,” is so soft and nostalgic. It’s one of those songs that makes you want to look out the window in the backseat of a car and pretend like you’re in a movie.
  12. Moonlight on the River – Mac DeMarco: As we reach the end of the playlist, I wanted to throw in a familiar classic for all of our Mac DeMarco lovers out there. This song is one of the most comforting and soft I’ve ever had the pleasure to hear.

Tune in!

– DJ Butter

By toad maiden

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