New Album Review

Album Review: “Inner Song” by Kelly Lee Owens

ALBUM: “Inner Song” by Kelly Lee Owens


LABEL: Smalltown Supersound

RATING: 8/10

BEST TRACKS: “Melt!,” “L.I.N.E” and “On” and “Night”

FCC: Clean

Kelly Lee Owens, Welsh electronic musician, released her second album “Inner Song” at the end of this August. The album has 10 songs that all vary from techno and dream pop to what almost sounds like the instrumental of an 80s horror movie (which I love). The songs are long, ranging from 3 minutes to almost 7 and a half. The album is perfect for fall walks and drives. 

The first song on the album,“Arpeggi,” reminds me a bit of Goblin’s tracks in the movie Phenomena. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. Other songs are more techno like “Melt!” and “Night,” which remind me of her older songs like my favorite “More than a Woman” from 2017- all bangers!! 

My favorite song on the album has to be “L.I.N.E.” This song is sooo pretty and calm. There’s a repetitiveness in her lyrics and the pattern of the songs. “L.I.N.E” along with “On” are a bit softer and more ethereal than the other songs on the album. There’s so much range in the different types of songs she has here- from dream pop to techno, she does it all! 

Overall, I think “Inner Song” is both fun, party vibes and also a calm, introspective album. It has range and I realize different things about it the more I listen. I hope you all will give it a listen and  enjoy it too <3