New Album Review

Album of the Week: Justice For The Damned – Pain Is Power (2020)

I have never heard of Justice For The Damned until I heard this album. It showed up on my feed from Spotify as a recommendation for me to listen to and I am so glad it did. This album has easily become one of my favorites! The riffs are nasty, blast beats are immaculate, and the vocals… iconic. 

This band has a good mix between metalcore/deathcore and hardcore: the vocals are very deathcore with his deep growls and screams, paired with blast beats makes a perfect combo for metalcore/deathcore fans. The band also incorporates some two step riffs and beats in there in order to give their music a bouncy sound, which will please the hardcore kids. 

Pain Is Power is Justice For The Damned’s second album and the title says it all: pain is in fact, power. The record sounds violent and angry (which I LOVE) but that’s not the only thing this album has to offer. The theme behind this album is to take something that is painful, traumatic, or negative, and turn it into something positive; something powerful. This album is filled with personal, political, and philosophical material. I love this album solely because I find a new theme each time. The record has a little bit of everything and it is sure to have your heads banging. 

To me, this album is inspirational because it is telling a story of suffering, but not having that suffering drown you. It’s about fighting back and turning that suffering into something that cannot destroy you. This record is filled with emotions and y’all know I love it when you can feel the emotions that the artists have put into their work. It also has some features from Matt Honeycutt (Kublai Khan) on the song Guidance From The Pain, and Joe Badolato (Fit For An Autopsy) on the song Final Cataclysm. 

This album is the heaviest and well-produced album the Justice For The Damned has to date. I believe that it will help launch their career, not only in the Australian metal scene, but worldwide. 

Favorite Songs: 

Sinking Into The Floor, Machine of War, No Peace At The Feet Of Your Master, and Final Cataclysm. 

Rating: 8.5/10!! 

What are some of your favorite songs off of Pain Is Power? 

Stay Metal,