Top 5 Halloween TV Episodes

If you can’t tell already, I’m trying to squeeze in as many spooky blog posts as I can before the 31st. To try to get in the Halloween spirit, I’ve been watching A LOT of the films that I mentioned in my previous post, but sometimes I’m too tired to sit through an entire movie. So, if you need a little pick-me-up, here are some of the best Halloween episodes from my favorite TV shows:

  • King of the Hill: Season 2, Episode 4 “Hilloween”

Bobby loses his Halloween spirit when an overexcited religious zealot moves into Arlen and convinces the town that Halloween is a satanic holiday. Hank, Bobby’s dad, tries to get him back in the mood for trick-or-treating.

Favorite Quote: “You’ll go to hell!” “You’ll get candy!”

  • Bob’s Burgers: Season 5, Episode 2 “Tina and the Real Ghost”

An exterminator/spiritual medium comes to Bob’s Burger’s to get rid of their bug problem, but the Belchers find out that they have a ghost living in their basement who was a 13-year-old boy named “Jeff.” After trapping him in a shoebox, Tina develops a crush.

Favorite Quote: “Where’s Tina, crying into her butt?” “No, my butt is dry…and strong.”

  • New Girl: Season 2, Episode 6 “Halloween”

Jess takes a gig at a haunted house and confesses feeling for a handsome doctor who just isn’t into her. A lovestruck Schmidt accidentally matches with Cece while her own boyfriend dresses as a Ninja Turtle.

Favorite Quote: “What am I looking at here? Robbie, man to man, you didn’t want to wear something a little more form-flattering, maybe like a pile of towels? Or the number 8?”

  • Spongebob: Season 1, Episode 13 “Scaredy Pants”

Couldn’t leave this classic out. Spongebob wants to be a real ghost for Halloween but his square shape makes him look more like a mattress. Patrick gives him a makeover so he’ll look more realistic under the white sheet.

Favorite Quote: “Pink hat? Oh, that’s not a hat. That’s my brain.”

  • Nathan For You: Season 1, Episode 5 “Mechanic/Realtor”

This isn’t exactly a Halloween episode, but it’s absolutely worth a watch. Nathan Fielder helps a struggling real estate agent by rebranding her as “The Ghost Realtor,” who promises to only sells houses that are demon-free.

Favorite Quote:

“I could tell Sue was thrilled with her new image, but to fully rebrand as the ghost realtor, she’d need to work with a professional psychic medium who could verify whether her homes were truly ghost-free.

So I found a local psychic online.”

Happy watching!

– DJ Butter

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