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Band Highlight: La Luz

If you’re into any type of psychedelic surf rock, you’ve got to check out La Luz. The all-girl quartet makes a great contribution to the modern psych-rock genre. Their music is a delightful mixture of fun and deep feeling. In a genre that tends to be dominated by men, it’s refreshing to hear female voices on the mic playing along to heavy guitar and garage keyboard.

La Luz has been on the scene since 2012 when Shana Cleveland, who was originally a part of both Curious Mystery and Shana Cleveland & the Sandcastles, formed the band in Seattle. Inspired by the sounds of 60s rock, girl pop, and surf music, the band set out to create a playful yet intriguing sound. Their first EP, called “Damp Face,” was released in 2013, closely followed by their first album, “It’s Alive.”

After hitting some bumps in the road, including a car wreck that destroyed all their instruments and bassist Abbey Blackwell leaving the band, La Luz emerged stronger than ever in 2015 when they began producing another album, “Weirdo Shrine,” with Ty Segall. Lena Simon took up their bassist position, and they went on to create their newest album, “Floating Features,” produced by the Black Keys vocalist and guitarist Dan Auerbach.

I am absolutely in love with this band. It’s amazing to see other women represented in one of my favorite genres. I 10/10 recommend giving them a listen. Here are some more key facts about the band:


  • Shana Cleveland (guitar and vocals)
  • Alice Sandahl (keyboard and vocals)
  • Marian Li-Pino (drums and vocals)
  • Lena Simon (bass and vocals)


  • Damp Face EP (2013)
  • It’s Alive (2013)
  • Weirdo Shrine (2015)
  • Floating Features (2018)

Song Highlights:

  • Floating Features – Floating Features
  • The Creature – Floating Features
  • Sleep Till They Die – Weirdo Shrine
  • Morning High – It’s Alive

Here’s a link to their website and instagram!

– DJ butter

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