Weekly Charts

Afterhours Charts 9/22

Artist Record Label
1 PLANET 1999 Devotion PIAS
2 ELKKA “I. Miss. Raving” [Single] Local Action
3 TAMA GUCCI “I Let You” [Single] b4/4AD
4 BIICLA No Place [EP] Good Luck Have Fun
5 JAYDA G Both Of Us/Are You Down [EP] Ninja Tune
6 JESSY LANZAAll The Time Hyperdub
7 YVES TUMOR Heaven To A Tortured Mind Warp
8 SYSTEM OLYMPIA Delta of Venus Huntleys + Palmers
9 KITTY Charm And Mirror [EP] Pretty Wavvy
10 YAEJI What We Drew XL/Beggars Group