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EP Review: “Cherushii & Maria Minerva”- Cherushii, Maria Minerva

Best Tracks: A Day Without You, This Must Be the Place, Boyfriend Shirt, Out by Myself, Thin Line (& ALL OF THEM)

FCC Clean 

Although this EP came out about a year ago, I still find myself listening to it almost every day. If you haven’t already listened, drop everything now– stop reading, open your Spotify or Youtube or whatever, and listen to this EP. After the tragic passing of Chelsea Faith Dolan, aka Cherushii, friend and music partner Maria Minerva took over the reigns to finish 6 tracks they had once started together. Out of the 6 songs came this incredible EP, that keeps Cherushii’s legacy alive despite the tragic loss. 

Choosing my “best tracks” for this EP was almost impossible. Every song on the EP is SO good. “A Day Without You” has to be my absolute favorite, maybe because it was the first I heard from the EP and it truly drew me in. The synth, driving beat, and catchy lyrics in “A Day Without You” and “Out by Myself” make you want to sing and dance and get mad at a shitty boyfriend who doesn’t exist. “This Must Be the Place” reminds me of going to clubs and parties and the thrill and boredom of going out. The lyrics “Night life, people are having fun. Everyone is looking for something or someone. I don’t feel like playing this foolish game, cause every Friday night the story is the same,” repeat throughout the song with Minerva’s mesmerizing vocals. What I would give to go out to a club and be bored again!! :’( Until then you can find me dancing to this EP alone in my bedroom:)

“Cherushii & Maria Minerva” really doesn’t compare to anything else I’ve heard before. It’s so uniquely them and clearly has a lot of love and care behind it. It makes you want to dance, despite the tragic loss. Listen to this EP! Share it with your friends! It is so perfect.