New Album Review

Album Review: Niagara by redveil

If you listened to redveil’s intricate production and confident delivery you might not guess that he isn’t old enough to vote. As it turns out, the 16-year old rapper is already an industry vet who began releasing mixtapes at the age of 12. His latest release, Niagara, is a display of the talents he has already cultivated, as well as the potential he has as an artist at the beginning of his career.

The album opens with “Campbell”, a brief, two verse affair that showcases redveil’s ability to flow over a soulful sample loop. It serves as an appetizer for what’s to come on the rest of the project. It is followed by “Weight” which features a woozy vocal sample squashed underneath trap drums. Lines like “I remember when I was 11 and watching my blood on the TV get spilled out/Now I got a lil older, no love for the system and I’m reaching back for the grip now/And it’s really f— twelve I done grown in myself to the point I can see that they hate us” paint redveil as a jaded kid forced to grow up too quickly. Another highlight is “Fastlane” which finds veil reflecting on the trials and tribulations of his childhood over a jazzy piano loop.

Written, produced, and recorded (almost) exclusively by redveil in his bedroom, Niagara is a testament to the power of the DIY artist. It has established him as a budding artist who is wise beyond his years and has quite a lot to say. One thing is for sure: I’ll be listening.

Favorite tracks: Weight, 5500, Clench, Fastlane

– DJ Mango