Weekly Charts

Daytime Chart 9/1

Artist Record Label
2 GIRL FRIDAY Androgynous Mary Hardly Art
3 LOMELDA “Wonder” [Single] Double Double Whammy
4 DOUBLE GRAVE Goodbye Nowhere! Forged Artifacts
5 ILLUMINATI HOTTIES FREE I.H.: This Is Not The One You’ve Been Waiting For Self-Released
6 HOLY MOTORS Horse [Advance Tracks] Wharf Cat
7 NYALLAH Reflections [EP] Self-Released
8 BETHS, THE Jump Rope Gazers Carpark
9 STEVE LACYN Side 3qtr
10 KID FRANCESCOLI “Moon” [Single] Yotanka
11 BARTEES STRANGE Live Forever [Advance Tracks] Memory
12 JOJI Nectar [Advance Tracks] 88 rising
13 MARMAR OSO Love Don’t Cost A Thing Free The Lost/EMPIRE
14 FONTAINES DC A Hero’s Death Partisan
15 SOLANGE When I Get Home Saint Records/Columbia
16 AJANI JONES Black Power Ranger Ajani Jones
17 NESS HEADS “Pull Me Up” [Single] Ness Heads
18 LIME CORDIALE 14 Steps To A Better You Chugg/London Cowboys
19 KING GINO Infinity Tapes, Vol. 1 Callisto
20 BROCKHAMPTON Ginger Question Everything/RCA
21 JAYDA G Both Of Us/Are You Down [EP] Ninja Tune
22 DWY “Latchkey” [Single] Wilder
23 DOUG SHORTS Casual Encounter [EP] Daptone
24 CLOUDY NUEVE “Hostage” [Single] Self-Released
25 LOU PHELPS AND TONY STONE “Cinnamon Toast” [Single] Self-Released
26 BLUE HAWAII Open Reduction Internal Fixation Arbutus
27 AMINE Limbo Universal Republic
28 ETHEREAL “Yeh!” [Single] Easy
29 FELIXX “My Baby” [Single] Loud N Klear
30 BIG SEAN “Berzerk” [Single] aftermath

1 BARTEES STRANGE Live Forever [Advance Tracks] Memory
2 HOLY MOTORS Horse [Advance Tracks] Wharf Cat
3 GAMBLERS “Small World” [Single] Self-Released
4 SAD13 Haunted Painting [Advance Tracks] Wax Nine
5 ORACLE SISTERS Paris I [EP] 22Twenty
6 LISEL “Night And Day” b/w “Die Trying” [Single] Luminelle
7 WINTER Endless Space (Between You And I) Bar/None
8 CHAI, HINDS “United Girls Rock ‘N’ Roll Club” [Single] Heavenly/PIAS
9 DREAM NAILS Dream Nails Dine Alone
10 LEMON TWIGS, THE Songs For The General Public 4AD/Beggars Group