Weekly Charts

Underground Charts 8/25

Artist Record Label
1 JOPIPPINS Digital Native Boring Life, a division of DOTWAV Media
2 LANCEY FOUX “India” [Single] PSYKE
3 LOU PHELPS AND TONY STONE “Cinnamon Toast” [Single] Self-Released
4 SKY D From Insult to Result Self-Released
5 KXG “Tonka” [Single] Self-Released
6 FEMDOT “94 Camry Music” [Single] Self-Released
7 ZACK COKAS “Notorious” [Single] Young Cack
8 NONAME Room 25 Self-Released
9 FRANK OCEAN “In My Room” [Single] Blonded
10 DUCKWRTH “Crush” [Single] Exist