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Artist Spotlight: Allah-Las

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My Discover Weekly playlist has done it again. Allah-Las has become my new favorite band after hours of pursuing Spotify. Call me lazy for relying on the ~algorithm~ instead of my own manual searching, but it works. The last time Allah-Las played in North Carolina was at the Cat’s Cradle in November of 2019. I remember a friend inviting me to their show but having no idea who they were. I ended up not being able to go, but I regret that so much now, especially since there will be no concerts for the foreseeable future (sad).

Being a lover of 60s rock and blues, I love to hear new artists mimicking that sound with their own spin. The California-based surf rockers that make up Allah-Las do just that. Though they definitely reflect the beachy Los Angeles vibe where they call home, they also have a touch of vintage flair that I really enjoy. The sunny yet gritty feeling of their music is similar to bands like The Growlers and The Mystic Braves if you enjoy that kind of sound.

They’ve been on the scene since 2008 but didn’t release their debut album “Allah-Las” until 2012. Before coming together, three out of the four members were working at the Amoeba Record Store in L.A. While their first few albums, “Allah-Las,” “Worship the Sun,” and “Calico Review,” are all very consistent with their garage band sound, their newest album, “LAHS” has a fascinating global appeal from their travels abroad. Instead of imitating sunny California through their music, they instead turn to the deserts of Mexico for inspiration. By mixing Spanish lyrics, electric guitar, and playful rhythms, “LAHS” is a truly unique album. Though I was first drawn to Allah-Las because of their original surf rock style, I find their recent work more interesting to listen to.

If you’re thinking of taking a listen, here are some of my favorite songs and notable info about the band:

• Lahs (2019)
• Calico Review (2016)
• Worship the Sun (2014)
• Allah-Las (2012)

• Miles Michaud (guitarist & vocals)
• Pedrum Siadatian (lead guitarist)
• Spencer Dunham (bassist)
• Matthew Correia (drummer)

Favorite Songs:
• Star – LAHS
• Raspberry Jam – Self Discovery for Social Survival Soundtrack
• De Vida Voz – Worship the Sun
• Catamaran – Allah-Las
• Holding Pattern – LAHS
• Long Journey – Allah-Las

Here is a link to their website.

Stay tuned in!

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