Moon Music

Music, similar to the reverence we hold for our glowing nighttime goddess, is ancient to humanity. It is natural that they should cross paths. From classics like Frank Sinatra’s “Blue Moon” to more modern works like “Moon Song” by Phoebe Bridgers, the moon has proven itself to be a popular theme in music. Whether by mentioning la lune herself or simply emitting the type of cool, soft beauty that our moon represents, here are some of my favorite songs that do just that:

1. Harvest Moon – Neil Young
Released in 1992 on Young’s “Harvest Moon” album, it is probably my favorite song of all time. In agricultural and historical terms, a Harvest Moon is the moon closest to the autumnal equinox and represents a time for sowing the fruits of the year.

2. Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don’t Leave Me) – Orion Sun
Orion Sun is a newer artist to the R&B scene. She released her first album “Hold Space for Me” in March 2020. Her ethereal voice and warm rhythms make hearing the lyrics “You’ll be in my dream like I’m f—— haunted/ But it’s beautiful you move me, like a moonbeam/ Change the water flow” an out-of-body experience.

3. Moon River – Frank Ocean 
Written originally by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer for Audrey Hepburn’s role in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” “Moon River” is covered beautifully by Frank Ocean in his 2018 single.

4. Moonlight Shawty – Fatboibari, Shiloh
Rapper Fatboibari released this single in 2018 with R&B artist Shiloh. The grainy, slow beat is made heavenly by Shiloh’s soft falsetto. This is a fantastic song for anyone interested in the more tranquil side of rap.

5. Midnight Snack – HOMESHAKE
“Midnight Snack” is a cozy, lovely listen. Even the album cover reminds me of the classic children’s book “Goodnight Moon.” I like to see the lyric, “Feelin’ like I’m falling asleep/ Not ready to visit my dreams/ Nothing in the world let me feel/ Alone, while she’s here next to me” as a reference to the moon herself.

6. Moondance – Van Morrison
“Moondance” is another great and lively classic. Released as part of the “Moondance” album in 1970, the song is a romantic mixture of jazz and folk.

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