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ALBUM REVIEW: Greer – Lullaby For You

ALBUM REVIEW: Greer – Lullaby For You

BEST TRACKS: Understand, Stay Clear

FCC violaitons: Aeroplane, Bye Bye Baby

Southern California bred alternative indie rock band Greer is new to the scene, yet somehow still sounds like a blast from the late 90s. Greer’s debut EP, Lullaby For You, is short and sweet with only 5 songs, coming in at just over 15 minutes, but is a great example of pure, old school alternative indie rock. Somewhat refreshingly, there’s nothing new-wave or post about it. Sometimes, you just get sick of all the new and failed experimental sounds, and just want to go back to the tried and true roots, ya know?

Though all the songs on this EP are united at their catchy pop song core, there is still a lot of diversity. In each song is a distinguishable element, and no two songs are too alike. Summery, beachy, and mellow – Aeroplane is the first song the band ever wrote together. Paper birds is folksy and cinematic, while Bye Bye Baby starts out with a drowsy intro and evolves into the most energetic song on the EP. Understand is my favorite track on the EP, because it has the most impressive vocals and is the most emotionally charged song for me. Stay clear is darker and smoother than the other songs. Josiah, the vocalist from the band stated in an interview with KXSC radio that Stay Clear is most reflective of the songs the band has been working on for the future, which I assume means that the band will be moving towards a harder rock sound.

Overall, though the music is bright and sparkling, I found this EP to be Incredibly sad when I listened to the lyrics. All of the songs are about the different forms of rubble left over after a lost love. I’m awaiting the full-length project, which will probably be about a year from now. This EP is recommended if you like bands like Peach Pit, Iron and Wine, and Weezer.