DJ Highlights

My time at WKNC


If anyone ever asks me what my favorite part of going to NC State was, the answer is my time at WKNC. I’m here to share the highlights of my time at WKNC. All the opportunities I was given, the skills I gained, and the unforgettable moments along the way. 

I became a DJ at WKNC during the Summer of 2018. Near the end of my training course the GM told us that the position for Social Media director was open. We were told we could apply before we were DJs, and as an eager bean who really wanted to work for the station, I applied shortly before finishing the training. That’s how I became the Social Media Director and a new DJ at the same time.

I had that position for the remainder of the summer and the following semester, and picked up my first DJ shift that Fall. At the time my show didn’t have a title, but on September 1, 2018 from 2pm-4pm 2k Indie went live for the first time. The show might not have had a name, but I was already DJ Psyched at this time. I remember asking family, friends, making polls on social media, and even using random name generators when I was looking for my DJ name. In the end I went with ‘Psyched’ because I am a psychology major and I couldn’t think of anything else. At this point the idea of the ‘Get Psyched’ image did not exist at all. I had no plans to turn the name into a whole persona, but it worked out amazingly (so I’m glad I didn’t go with ‘DJ Snuggles’).


The first semester was amazing. I was getting the hang of running my show, meeting other DJs, and learning to manage the station’s social media platforms. I also started to get some cool opportunities like getting paid to DJ live near Carter Finley before a football game with Laura (our current GM). I jumped on every opportunity I could. I went to just about every volunteer activity, every concert on the lawn, and any concerts I could get a DJ pass to. 


I did this for the rest of my time at WKNC, doing as much as possible and having the best moments of my college life. Some of the things I got to do include DJing for: pack disco, the target run, the honors village silent disco, and hopscotch. I also got to go to a bunch of neat events including: the Radio Disco Prom, Double Barrel Benefit, and two DJ and staff social events. I also attended some more unforgettable concerts, thanks to WKNC, and saw artists that include: Flo Rida, TLC, Nelly, Omni, Soccer Mommy, Joy Again, 311, and Dirty Heads (just to name a few).


In my last year I was also given the opportunity to be Daytime Music Director and create content as a blogger and pod-caster. This is when things went from amazing to dream-like, I hardly have words for how much this last year has meant to me. 

The ‘Get Psyched’ image was born alongside my podcast. I found my mission and had the best time meeting up with different artists, fellow creators, and friends to talk about things we were passionate about. I found a passion in getting psyched about reading, health, DIY work, and music: and it motivated me to create a YouTube channel. ‘Get Psyched’ isn’t just a slogan or job to me, it’s my passion and it has made me more determined than ever to always stay psyched about the things I love.

It’s hard to imagine my time at WKNC coming to an end now that I’ve finished school, but I will cherish these memories and moments for the rest of my life. The ‘Get Psyched’ mission doesn’t end here, and I’m grateful for all the ways WKNC has shaped me as a creator and person. 

Until Next Time

Always stay psyched,

DJ Psyched