Let’s Talk Music: Summer Jams


I honestly don’t know how the seasons work outside of the context of school, but given the second summer session at NC State is about to come to an end I thought I’d share some of my favorite tunes from this summer. Thanks to WKNC, and my Daytime Music Director position, my listening has diversified a lot lately, so here are some songs I found very enjoyable over the last two months. I hope you enjoy the variety of this playlist:

Zeros by Declan McKenna – Declan has been releasing tracks over the last few months for the record ‘Zeros’ that will be released August 21st. The original release had to be pushed back, given current events in the world, but I couldn’t be more excited that it’ll be out just next month.’ The Key to Life on Earth’ is my favorite track of the three singles so far, do you have a favorite?

Dance Alone by Blanks – This track feels like summer with it’s up beat rhythm and catchy chorus, it just makes me want to dance alone. Blanks has also had a few releases this summer, but if you need a quick pick-me-up I recommend starting with this track.

I Wish I Missed My Ex by Mahalia – This song is a vibe with it’s R&B and Soul sound, and it’s also incredibly catchy. The lyrics are funny and it’s easy to get into.

Social Drinker by Ballyhoo! – This is an incredibly relatable track I’ve mentioned on the blog before. It’s also really catchy with it’s surfer rock vibes and the hook is hard not to sing along to.

Eat Your Heart by Steam Powered Giraffe – I have not heard from this group in years and I was extremely excited when I heard this one, it’s an extremely catchy and beautifully dark track. It’s a love song for people who don’t like typical love songs. This band always stands out for their steam punk influence and it makes this song perfect for anyone who likes the style.

Easy by Justin Starling – This track is lyrically empowering and the beat paired with Justin’s raping is easy to get into. The chorus is also nearly impossible not to sing along to, a characteristic of any good summer tune.

Sick of Feeling Useless by Neon Dreams – I’ve talked about this track a lot on the blog but that’s just because I love it a lot. It also happens to have the perfect summer vibe, so it fits this list perfectly.

Was It Something I Said MyKey ft. Cavetown – This song is a bit less like the rest on the list. It has an interesting ‘old school’ sound, but it’s still extremely catchy. The lyrics are a bit ‘darker’ then the music lets on. It’s a really easy track to sing along to without realizing what you’re saying, and McKey and Cavetown vocals sound amazing together. 

House by Baba Ali – This is another one I’ve mentioned on the blog before, so all I’ll say this time is it hasn’t gotten old and the genre bending sound makes it a stand out on any playlist.

If you are looking for some softer sounding tracks this summer I recommend Nothing by Bruno Major and Black Dog by Alo Parks.

What were your favorite jams of the summer?

Until next time

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