New Album Review

Album Review: JGM by Lemaitre

Album: JGM by Lemaitre

Best Tracks: Wondering If I’ll Ever Come Down, Eyes Wide Open, Stop Me Fast

FCC Violations: Eyes Wide Open, Stop Me Fast

Lemaitre is an electronic duo comprised of Norwegian artists, Ulrik Denizou Lund and Ketil Jansen. Their newest release, JGM, reflects on life’s ups and downs and the celebration of life. The electronic group switched things up in this EP, adopting an indie-pop style and an extensive use of organic instruments. JGM is inspired by Johannes “Joe” Greve Muskat, Lemaitre’s “third” member who passed in 2019. Even though the EP is based in sadness, all four songs in the collection celebrate life in a perfect way to pay homage to Muskat.

“Wondering If I’ll Ever Come Down” is the lead single and my personal favorite track. It has a more indie Grouplove vibe to me that reminds you to love the life you’re living, which is inspiring. “Eyes Wide Open” and “Stop Me Fast” also maintain an upbeat mood while talking about overcoming loss and their struggles with grief. The use of organic instruments and electronic elements, like guitars and drums mixed with soft synths add an extra layer of emotion that indie songs normally possess, which makes this EP that much more special.

“Joe” is a special song that talks about Muskat specifically and tells the story of him as the third member of the group. I think this track ties together the whole EP and produces a sense of empathy and celebration from listeners.

I think this EP is a powerful message to listeners to enjoy the life they have and to celebrate the people in our lives, whether here or not, because they “never really go away.”

I recommend JGM for fans of Rex Orange County, Grouplove, and Tame Impala.