New Album Review

ALBUM: Silver Silver by Kid Froopy


ALBUM: Silver Silver by Kid Froopy

BEST TRACKS: Some Nights I Feel Like Crying, RNR, New In Town, Meet Me in the Garden

FCC Violations: Meet Me in the Garden, RNR, LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT…

Kid Froopy is on the rise as a new artist and his newest release, Silver Silver, delivers his electronic style in an emotional package. Kid Froopy, an Iowa-based producer began releasing music in high school, but gained attention in 2015 with his remix of Robokid’s “Helix.” Now, Kid Froopy is known for his electronic-pop songs which typically delve into the woes of online communication and social media. Kid Froopy has this interesting alternative sound that is distinctly electronic with sweet sounding synth melodies and a certain glitchy aspect to it that does not overlap the high-pitched vocals. His chill, electronic-pop vibe is perfect for listening in the car or lounging around with friends.

Many of his tracks have a great contrast between the sorrowful lyrics of lost communication and his upbeat pop-y sound. There is even more contrast between tracks such as Hairy which are slow and somber while Meet Me in the Garden feels much more exciting.

Kid Froopy has a great all around sound that borders many different genres while done tastefully and I predict that he will get even popular as time goes on. I recommend Kid Froopy to fans of Jai Wolf, pluko and Ekali.