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ALBUM REVIEW: Distant Minds by Prismo


ALBUM: Distant Minds by Prismo

BEST TRACKS: Coexist, Shame, Dreams (Eliminate Remix)

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Zach Burgett, aka Prismo, is a music producer, DJ and songwriter from Houston, TX who decided to produce his own music after he was unsuccessful in creating his own band. After reading a short biography about Prismo, I have to say I admire his tenacity to create his own career after being unable to find a group to produce with. At 19, he has already made a name for himself and earned the reputation as a versatile artist with tracks ranging from EDM bangers to more melodic, slower songs.

Distant Minds is Prismo’s second album release from November 2016 and contains seven tracks, four of which are remixes of the first three tracks in the collection. Prismo’s style is very unique because he delivers a big, glitchy sound with added hip-hop elements which adds variety. The distorted vocal effect that Prismo uses also adds a unique element to Distant Minds. It sounds like the quality of a phone call almost, but also much higher quality so the vocals still sound crisp. Tracks such as Coexist and Dreams (Eliminate Remix) have a good mix between higher energy EDM and melodic breakdowns which contrast nicely. My personal favorite track in this album is Shame because it is one of the first electronic songs I listened to that I really enjoyed. What is even crazier to think is that Prismo released this track at a young age, only three years older than me at the time I listened. Now, at the same age, I still appreciate his music.

I recommend Prismo for anyone who is a fan of San Holo, Monstercat, and Taska Black.